Functional Therapy

Everything from the chemically enhanced food we eat, the refined liquid we drink, to the inefficient movement we complete, has an unbelievable negative effect on our body’s ability to repair itself.

Functional Fitness

I have worked with individuals who are new to exercise and those who have been exercising for years. Before undertaking any fitness regime is it imperative that your body is working efficiently.

Functional Nutrition

Rebooting is the process of nourishing your body purely by juicing and/or eating the essential nutrients found in fruit and vegetables (macronutrients / micronutrients).

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Our Purpose

To help every day people to move, feel and look better. The pain and discomfort you’re experiencing is greatly influenced by:

Possible restricted muscles, Thoracic Spine, Hips & Feet.

Lack of quality sleep, too much caffeine, work.

Processed, chemically enhanced, limited nutrients.


Kaye Checkley, Rolls Royce Employee
“Adam has devised an exercise programme specifically developed for my particular problems. I now have a regime for life which l will use to keep my back and hip in check. This he has done with enormous expertise and knowledge in his field."

M.Terry, Network Rail
"I had suffered ongoing knee pain for several years which has hampered my fitness and was starting to impact on everyday life too. Within one session Adam had identified that it was actually my ankle that was the root of the problem."

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