I know how it feels to be in constant pain. I suffered from undiagnosed feet pain for over 7 years. I saw well over 15 specialists and none were able to resolve my pain issues.

I empowered myself by seeking education and training with a company which specialises in understanding human movement.

I now help people in pain by using the same methodology with remarkable results.

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Client Testimonials

Kaye Checkley (Rolls Royce Employee)

“Adam has devised an exercise programme specifically developed for my particular problems. I now have a regime for life which l will use to keep my back and hip in check.

This he has done with enormous expertise and knowledge in his field, a great sense of humour and the ability to relate to people in a kind and caring manner.

I am now pain free and l can’t thank Adam enough, he has been great. Would l recommend him to anyone else – you bet l would!”

Ena Shaw (Retired)

“After seeing a podiatrist and physio several times without luck, Adam provided a free movement assessment and I started to see results instantly. He recommended his 12 week program to resolve my pain and greatly enhance my movement and fitness for the 26 mile Kilt Walk in May.

Since seeing Adam, the change in my leg and my walking are amazing. Adam identified and devised exercises designed specially around the way I move. They have resolved my IT Band pain and I am now not only walking pain free but also am fitter, stronger and faster than I’ve been in years. I would recommend Adam to anyone as I’m now pain free and the range of movement I have now is unbelievable! I can’t thank you enough Adam."

Jon Holmes (Council Planning Officer)

"I had suffered ongoing knee pain for several years which has hampered my fitness and was starting to impact on everyday life too. Within one session Adam had identified that it was actually my ankle that was the root of the problem and once we had targeted the ankle with specific mobilisation and strengthening exercises the knee pain disappeared.

I now include the ankle specific exercises as part of my warm up but it is enabling me to return to running and push towards speeds I had previously thought I would never achieve again and I no longer have to put up with my knee pain affecting my everyday life – thanks Adam!”

Mariana Leeves (Financial Admin Advisor)

“I would recommend sessions with Adam for anybody with knee conditions. He will work very hard to find the best possible ways to get you back to healthy mobility and minimal pain. He is also very easy to work with, will make you laugh, and will physically support you when you think you’re about to fall over doing the exercises.

After working on my knee exercise with him, being able to walk properly and not count the paces before a rest after 10 minutes of walking, was great! Running was a minor miracle bought about by his expertise and support too!"

Andrew Rosie (Retired Legal Manager)

“Due to a persistent knee problem I was on the verge of giving up five a side football as physiotherapy did not appear to resolve the problem. After attending a knee clinic, I enrolled with Adam for weekly sessions which went back to basics taking one step at a time.

After just a few weeks the improvement was tangible and I began playing again. I went on to take further sessions to improve my balance and flexibility. As I haven’t missed a football game in four months I would thoroughly recommend Adam’s approach."

Lorna Butler (Business Analyst)

“After more than a decade of suffering knee pain after exercise, I attended one of Adam’s ‘knee pain seminars’ out of interest rather than expectation. I followed that by an assessment, then over a period of 3 months worked with Adam to identify movement problems which were causing the pain which I had previously been told was due to ‘wear and tear’.

As a result, I can now go up stairs after an exercise class without wincing at every step. I have a programme of exercises which I know will help keep the pain at bay, and may increase the range of exercise I can do. I would recommend anyone suffering from knee pain to have a movement assessment from Adam before resorting to more invasive solutions.

Kerry-Anne Pugh (Swim Teacher)

“Adam suggested to start earlier with some pre-operative training to maximise strength and reduce recovery time. Adam listened to my requirements and amended the training plan as needed. Due to the nature of my injury and difficulty it sometimes caused me I found Adams approach and flexibility to training excellent and re-assuring. Adam designed a range of exercises to work with my back injury, a de-generating disc and two unstable vertebrae to support and strengthen the area adjusting the exercises as needed. I worked with Adam once a week continuing the exercise plan at home in-between training sessions. As a result I went into my operation in a much better position mentally, emotionally and physically. I was stronger, more flexible and had better balance. More importantly training became fun and not a chore. My recovery after my operation, a discectomy and spinal fusion has been amazing, much of which my surgeon puts down to the physical condition I went in with all due to Adams exercise regime.

I would have no reservations in recommending Adam for the results achieved, his professionalism, extensive knowledge and commitment.”

Christine Drewe (Head of Procurement)

"I had personal training with Adam for over a year, in that time I lost over a stone and dropped nearly two dress sizes as well as becoming incredibly fit! Adam created a program specific to my needs with a mix of cardio and resistance work.  His dedication to me reaching my goal kept me motivated when I was flagging, and his ability to mix up the program meant I never got bored and achieved a level of health and fitness I couldn’t have done on my own."

Michael Terry (National Rail Engineer)

“I would like to thank Adam for the support he has continuously shown me over this last 12 months. I was in car accident which caused me to suffer with a back injury. Due to all the rehabilitation sessions which involve working on my posture, my core muscles, stability and cardiovascular fitness I am now almost completely pain free, feeling stronger and fitter which has also helped me towards getting back to work.

Adam has given me advice on nutrition and helped me to lose body fat which I gained since the accident. I would certainly recommend him to anyone needing rehabilitation and/or fitness training. Once Adam has helped to fully rehabilitate me I will certainly continue training with him to maximise my strength, fitness, to continue reducing my body fat and to keep me out of pain.

I would like to thank Adam for all the time he has spent with me giving me advice, keeping me ‘going’ and his effective professional rehabilitation knowledge. I think with his professionalism he will go far in his career and I wish him all the very best for the future.”

Jonathan Elkin (Business Development)

“Having previously sought advice from a leading physiotherapist in London regarding a leg injury I stained playing rugby, I approached Adam and found his approach to rehabilitation to be both a breath of fresh air and very motivating.  

The combination of both static and dynamic movements enabled me to find a more natural balance to firing up my muscle groups, whilst benefiting from a cardio workout at the same time.  

Adam provided the necessary clarity when asked, but maintained a professional and enjoyable atmosphere throughout.  

I will certainly not hesitate to give Adam a call next time I pick up an injury, and am already recommending my friends to seek his expert opinion.

Thanks Adam."

Sophie Gairns (District Finance Manager)

“Nearly 3 years ago, I was overweight and didn’t feel great about myself, my Sister made me join the gym and sign up for a personal trainer.

Adam has provided the consistent motivation that I needed to keep going.

He is strict enough to keep pushing me but also friendly enough for me to like him!!

I now thoroughly enjoy the energy and positive feeling I get after every session, I also feel that my confidence in all areas of my life has changed due to the way personal training has made me feel."

Are you ready to change your life and become 'fit 4 function'?

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