Fit4Function delivers one of the most advanced human movement systems to help you resolve and prevent your movement dysfunctions, giving you the freedom of movement you deserve.

Adam Guy has immersed himself in the Health and Fitness Industry over the last 10 years and has gained vast experience working with some of the top professionals in his field. A healthy appetite for football from an early age sparked his love for keeping fit and feeling good.

Due to a reoccurring injury Adam was unable to exercise in the traditional ways he once had. He sought advise from several pain management specialists with no conclusive results.

As a result he took it upon himself to discover the knowledge needed to solve his injuries and constant daily pain. This underlying variety of knowledge and experience enables Adam to devise an innovative and bespoke system by addressing a combination of practical neurology, joint alignment, muscle weakness and nutrition to not only solve your movement restrictions and discomforts but to optimise your ability to: Move Better and Feel Better.


  • Anatomy In Motion – Finding Centre Practitioner
  • Brain-Move: Practical Neuroscience Phase 1.
  • Diploma in Functional Therapy (FASTER)
  • Diploma in Functional Performance (FASTER)
  • Advanced Mechanics of the Foot and Ankle (FASTER)
  • Advanced Functional Core Training (FASTER)
  • Advanced Functional Trainer: Assess and Solve (FASTER)
  • TRX Suspension Trainer (FASTER)
  • Small Group Personal Training (Nuffield Health)


  • Diploma in Personal Training (Future Fit)
  • Sports Conditioning Coach (YMCA)
  • Fitness Instructor (YMCA)
  • Supple Strength Instructor (YMCA)
  • Diploma In Health and Fitness (Chichester College)
  • Postural Assessment (Chichester College)
  • Circuit Training (Chichester College)
  • Nutrition (Chichester College)
  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise (Chichester College)

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