Fit4Function Consultation Process – What makes it unique?

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Many clients like to ask: what is included in the consultation and assessment? Why do you need 2 hours to complete it? Why are you assessing my feet when the…

How Your Painful Jaw Could Be Caused by Your Ankle Injury.

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The human body is amazing!! We have all been taught to assess the human body in isolation. However, does any part of the body work by itself or does it…

Nasal Breathing, Posture & Injury

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The alignment of the muscles of the jaws and teeth can have a direct impact on an individuals movement and strength.   There exists a relationship between the jaw and…

Back Pain – Separating Fact From Fiction

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  [Back Pain Fact From Fiction] Great video explaining how our subconscious brains play a pivotal role regarding pain. The terminology that specialists and the client use to describe the…

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