By working alongside your golf coach I can help them improve your golf performance many times faster than they could on their own. By having an in-depth understanding of how the body moves, assessing every bone, joint and muscle, in every swing available, enables me to pin point where you have weakness and restriction and provide movement specific exercises to improve your golf performance almost instantly.

Why use a Golf Performance Coach?

  • I can obtain immediate improvements in your game, long and short
  • I assess you in the specific movements and energy systems you need to improve performance fast
  • I match your conditioning precisely to you, your positioning, your coaches preference of style and any previous injuries you have had
  • I utilise player and team specific assessments for physical and mechanical ability
  • Through the understanding of movement and specifically how you move allows me to anticipate injuries and build an avoidance program
  • From here I will devise a periodise progressive program specifically for you, including a mechanical and an energy system plan to maximise your performance and minimise fatigue and injury

Are you ready to change your life and become 'fit 4 function'?

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