Are you Training for Sport Specific Fitness?
Perhaps you just want to keep up with the kids!

I work with individuals who are new to exercise and those who have been exercising for years. Before undertaking any fitness regime is it imperative that your body is working efficiently in order to cope with the increased demands placed on it with exercise. At Fit4Function, your initial and subsequent sessions will include assessing and conditioning the Central Nervous System (CNS) and then create a totally integrated movement system.

Movement can become restricted or blocked as a result of poor lifestyle choices, inactivity and footwear. By first “resetting the CNS and then using 3-dimensional exercise to increase mobility throughout the body, we ensure that true motion is restored and the body can begin to work efficiently. Once we have restored true and efficient motion, together we can design a tailored progressive functional movement program which prevents your body from relapsing into bad movement habits and targets the appropriate energy systems to maximise your movement specific fitness goals. Most importantly returning you to optimal movement function, in the shortest timeframe possible.

What’s Included?

At Fit4Function we like to be thorough so the consultation and assessment takes 60-90 minutes to complete and includes:

  • In-depth Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Injury Questionnaire
  • Central Nervous System Assessment
  • Lymphatic System Assessment
  • Hands On Full Body Muscle Assessment
  • Advanced Video Movement Assessment
  • Functional Nutritional Assessment
  • Full Analysis and Treatment Recommendation
  • Initial Treatment (if appropriate)
  • Emailed Treatment Program (if initial treatment took place)
  • Access to the Fit4Function Video Library for Treatment Program
  • Access to our Education Club

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